All the tools you need, wrapped into one.
Whether you’re overseeing Digital Distribution to VoD & TV Channels, Cinema or Physical Media, TODOS gives you a clear overview of diverse media production tasks, assisting you every step along the way. With TODOS you can effortlessly automate many of your daily processes.


Why not organize your team in the same place you manage your assets? With TODOS, Project & Asset Management, Resource Planning and Scheduling seamlessly integrate with the projects you're working on.


Easily add metadata to your TODOS database to assign them to assets and process them with just a few mouse clicks. Import whole metadata sheets or edit single information in a clean and structured mask.


You can easily provide your media content to various VoD platforms, TV Broadcasters, cinema distributors, physical replicators or even service providers such as dubbing studios. In doing so, TODOS automatically meets the various requirements and supports you by providing the specifications for each platform. Master files or screener files can be created automatically in TODOS, watermark or copy protection included.


We've been working in media for more than two decades, so we know how essential archiving is for preserving the value of content and complying with regulatory requirements. TODOS facilitates long-term storage and preservation of media assets, ensuring that they are available for future use or reuse.

Your benefits


Todos consolidates multiple production tasks into one platform, improving efficiency and productivity, and leading to significant time and cost savings.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Todos offers sophisticated analytics and reporting features, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize strategies, improve content success, and increase return on investment.

Scalability and Integration

Todos is a scalable cloud-based solution that adapts to growing production needs and supports integration with third-party tools, ensuring seamless workflows and maximum flexibility.

Robust Material & Metadata Archiving

Todos‘ material archiving system offers organized, secure, and easily accessible storage for media assets. It enables fast content retrieval, long-term preservation, and scalable storage capacity, saving time and accommodating growth without hardware investments.